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Neary's - The Dream at the End of the Rainbow

NEARY’S—THE DREAM AT THE END OF THE RAINBOW follows the extraordinary journey of immigrant Jimmy Neary from his humble roots in Ireland to his 50-year run as proprietor of one of Gotham’s iconic eateries. Since opening in 1957, the family owned and operated restaurant has become known for the warmth and passion of its host. The unique history and charm of this Irish pub has attracted notable diners such as Archbishop of New York, Timothy Cardinal Dolan; former NYC Mayor, Michael Bloomberg; Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein; author Mary Higgins Clark; former Ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith; and actress Kathie Lee Gifford—all of whom dine at Neary’s regularly, and all of whom make major appearances in the film.

Played at

Music Hall, 9.15.17 - 9.21.17
Rated NR
Runtime: 60 min
Language: English

Director: Neil Leifer