Alfred P. Sloan Feature Film Prize
Sundance Film Festival
The rare recent stage-to-screen adaptation that actually improves on the source...the performances are impeccable.
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Marjorie Prime

An 86-year-old widow (Lois Smith) bonds with a computerized re-creation of her late husband (Jon Hamm) whose presence forces the rest of her family to reflect on their shared history. Driven by a powerhouse cast that also includes Academy-Award® winners Geena Davis and Tim Robbins, the film poses provocative questions about love, technology, memory, and mortality. Based on the the Pulitzer-Prize-nominated play of the same name.

Played at

Town Center 5, 9.08.17 - 9.14.17
Claremont 5, 9.08.17 - 9.14.17
Monica Film Center, 8.18.17 - 9.21.17
Playhouse 7, 8.18.17 - 9.14.17
Rated NR
Runtime: 98 min
Language: English

Director: Michael Almereyda
Cast: Geena Davis, Jon Hamm, Lois Smith, Tim Robbins

  • Winner, Alfred P. Sloan Feature Film Prize, Sundance Film Festival
FEATURED REVIEW: Amber Wilkinson, Eye for Film
It could be said that we are all the sum of our memories and that they shape our sense of self - which is why the idea of being diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer's is so terrifying for most people. Some time in the not-too-distant future Marjorie (Lois Smith) finds it frightening ...