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Last Chance! Thu. Jun 20

Clinton Road

Inspired by true events, Begory (James DeBello), a spiritual medium, is hired to help Michael (Ace Young) find his missing wife, Jessica (Sarah Pribis), on Clinton Road. During their conversation at RJ's (Ice-T) club, tensions begin to evolve along with RJ specifically encouraging them not to go to Clinton Road. With the support of Michael's friends, especially his sister-in-law Isabella (Katie Morrison), the group travels out into the wilderness of New Jersey to begin their journey to track down Jessica. As daylight quickly turns to night, strange events start taking place that nobody can explain. It is up to Michael to unlock the secret of the road in order to make it out alive!

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Music Hall ending Jun 20th
Rated NR
Runtime: 83 min
Language: English

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Last Chance!

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