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AFF - Beyond Expectations II


– A writer attempts to clear her head by hosting a dinner party full of familiar faces. Tiffany Rhodes; Dan Foster; Jillian Goldman; Stephen Simon; Lisa Lash; Tiffany Rhodes, writer/director. Adult themes, f-lang. USA

ACTRESS UNSEEN – After the call is over, an actress continues to get ready for an audition that she suspects she could never book. Jennica Schwartzman; Deborah Smith; Ryan Schwartzman; Amy Argyle; Hope Simpson; Claire Donald; Jennica Schwartzman, writer director. USA

THINK FAST - What happens when everything you've worked for all year is suddenly ripped apart by a ringing phone? In Sara Wagner's case, all hell breaks loose. Molly Stanton; T.J. Power; Jaz Sinclair; Jan Stanton, writer; Bridget Stokes, director. Adult language and situations. USA

ILLEGAL - A traffic stop due to speeding takes a turn for the worse landing a mother and her 6 year old daughter in jail. Susan Santiago; Jesus Nebot; Jo Galloway; Kiana Jun Bartholomew; Jesus Nebot, writer/director. Adult themes. USA

SIN FRONTERAS - A Mexican woman risks her life to save her son's, by forcing a white American woman to drive them across the border. Alexis Johnson; Amber Ettinger; Chadwick Hopson; Ryan Shanahan; Ricardo Perez-Selsky, writer/director. Adult themes. USA

THE LAST GIRL - A neuroscientist and her A.I. therapist engage in a battle of wits – with humanity’s fate on the line. Tiffany Cole, Rachel Weck, Dan Lawson; Shira Rosenzweig, writer/director. USA

Played at

Monica Film Center, 4.27.19 - 4.27.19

Runtime: 90 min
Language: English