Enchanting...a cri de coeur on the part of those left to carry the burden of society's guilt, and a touching human story that will stay with you.
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Last Chance! Thu. May 23

All Creatures Here Below

Gensan (David Dastmalchian) and Ruby (Karen Gillan) live on the fringes of society in Los Angeles, struggling to survive in the face of abject poverty. On a fateful night, they strike out to seize something that has always been denied them, which sets in motion a series of events with dire consequences. Their impulsively committed crime puts them on run from the police. They seek refuge in their hometown of Kansas City, a place filled with the dark secrets that have haunted them since they fled years ago.

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Monica Film Center ending May 23rd
Rated NR
Runtime: 91 min
Language: English
“Escalation” is a little tool storytellers employ to build drama in a tale. The opening of a story sets a normal base level, and as it moves forward the lives of our protagonists get progressively better or progressively worse. At the family dinner table, stories that mov...

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Monica Film Center
Last Chance!

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