A work of memoir shattered and reassembled into a universally moving, truthful fiction.
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The Souvenir

A shy film student begins finding her voice as an artist while navigating a turbulent courtship with a charismatic but untrustworthy man. She defies her protective mother and concerned friends as she slips deeper and deeper into an intense, emotionally fraught relationship which comes dangerously close to destroying her dreams.

Played at

Playhouse 7, 6.07.19 - 6.13.19
NoHo 7, 5.31.19 - 6.06.19
Glendale, 5.31.19 - 6.13.19
Monica Film Center, 5.31.19 - 6.13.19
Rated R Closed Captioning Available Closed Captioning Available
Runtime: 120 min
Language: English
FEATURED REVIEW: Joshua Rothkopf, Time Out
A cinematic memoir of once-in-a-decade emotional precision and ambition, Joanna Hogg’s 'The Souvenir' does many things so exquisitely, it’s hard to know where to begin. Hogg, a veteran British TV and feature director with a distinctly intimate style, graduated from film s...