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The Secret Life of Fascia

Join scientist Robert Schleip and a team of experts on a fascinating journey exploring the missing link fascia (connective tissue) plays in sports, medicine, health, and wellness. "The Secret Life of Fascia" shines an evidence-based spotlight on sports science, underlying mechanisms, and manual therapy. Dense with research and relevant information for athletic training and activities of daily life, this celebration of the global body features professional, Olympic, and amateur athletes from a myriad of sports.

Directed and Produced by Bruce Schonfeld.
Based on a ‘Fascia Science’ lecture by Robert Schleip.
Co-Producers: Tyler Reeves & Aaron I Butler.
Editors: Tyler Reeves, Steven Rimlinger, Jared Malone.
Narration: Lucy Cooke

Cast: (Part 1: In Order Of Appearance) #boxtape, Robert Schleip, Carla Stecco, Antonio Stecco, Peter Friedl, Neil Theise, Jaap van der Wal, Michael Shacklock, Helene Langevin, Stuart McNish, Gil Hedley, Jan Sultan, Sacha Loiseau, Bruce Schonfeld, Ricky Williams, Ida P. Rolf, René Assink, Diane Lee, Donald Ingber, Thomas Myers, Wilbour Kelsick, John Sharkey, and Jean-Claude Guimberteau.

Played at

Music Hall, 4.05.19 - 4.11.19
Rated NR
Web Site: https://www.thesec...
Runtime: 58 min
Language: English