Stands out in the vanguard of contemporary films extolling the virtues of the free press speech.
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Joseph Pulitzer: Voice of the People

"Our republic and its press will rise or fall together" - Joseph Pulitzer

This landmark film by acclaimed director Oren Rudavsky explores how Joseph Pulitzer, once a penniless young Jewish immigrant from Hungary, came to challenge a popular president and fight for freedom of the press as essential to our democracy. Adam Driver is the narrator while Liev Schreiber is the voice of Pulitzer; together they bring to life the virtually unknown American icon who spoke of “fake news” and of providing opportunities to immigrants over one hundred years ago.

Played at

Claremont 5, 3.09.19 - 3.17.19
Playhouse 7, 3.08.19 - 3.14.19
Music Hall, 3.08.19 - 3.14.19
Town Center 5, 3.08.19 - 3.14.19
Rated NR
Runtime: 85 min
Language: English
FEATURED REVIEW: John DeForeHollywood Reporter
His name is synonymous with best-of-the-best reporting and photojournalism, not to mention excellence in many artistic fields, but Joseph Pulitzer's own story is, entertainingly, far from a portrait of uncomplicated virtue. Summarizing the great strides he made for journalism without...