It's good that the Scarecrow is the first traveling companion she meets; Michael Jackson fills the role with humor and warmth.
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The Wiz

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Loosely adapted from the 1974 Broadway musical of the same name, The Wiz is a musical adventure fantasy that reimagines L. Frank Baum's classic 1900 children's novel. It follows the adventures of Dorothy (Diana Ross), a shy Harlem schoolteacher who finds herself magically transported to the urban fantasy Land of Oz. Befriended by a Scarecrow (Michael Jackson), a Tin Man (Nipsey Russell) and a Cowardly Lion (Ted Ross), she travels through the city to seek an audience with the mysterious Wiz (Richard Pryor), who they say is the only one powerful enough to send her home.

Format: DCP

Played at

NoHo 7, 2.14.19 - 2.14.19
Rated G
Genre: Throwback Thursdays
Runtime: 134 min
Language: English
FEATURED REVIEW: Gary Arnold, Washington Post
Hallelujah! It’s celestial take-off time of a musical fantasy, Sidney Lumet’s spectacular, joyous production of “The Wiz” generates a mood of wonder and sentimental rapture recalling the arrival of the Mother Ship in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.&...