For all its emotional extravagance and sheer Baroque lushness, 'Farinelli' is actually a triumph of taut control and superb structuring.
--Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times
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In the 18th century during Handel's time, no man was more famous or more celebrated than the castrato Farinelli. The incredible true story of the world famous opera singer - who was castrated during childhood in order to preserve his voice - comes to life in this Oscar-nominated drama of high notes and even higher passions.

Played at

Royal, 2.04.19 - 2.05.19
Playhouse 7, 2.04.19 - 2.05.19
Town Center 5, 2.04.19 - 2.05.19
Claremont 5, 2.04.19 - 2.05.19
Rated R This film is subtitled This film is subtitled
Genre: Culture Vulture
Runtime: 111 min
Language: French, Italian