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Intrigo: Death of an Author

A small open boat ploughs through a troubled sea off the Dutch coast. One solitary man at the rudder. A few days later, when the wind has settled, the smashed up remains of the boat will be found a few kilometers to the south. Meanwhile in Stockholm - David, a translator, is contacted by his publisher. A manuscript by the famous author Germund Rein has turned up at the publishing house. However, the manuscript has arrived in Sweden cloaked in strange circumstances. It has not been published in its country of origin. This is the original manuscript and it is accompanied by a letter which states that under no circumstances must the book be printed in its initial language.

David also learns that the author, Germund Rein has taken his own life by attaching a weight to his body and disappearing into the depths of the Atlantic. The letter must have been the last thing he wrote before he ended it all. The assignment takes David to Maardam where he finds parallels to his own life in Rein’s novel. Parallels to his vanished wife Eva, who according to the police most likely lost her life in the Austrian Alps some years earlier. But nothing is as it seems. The past will inevitably catch up. Guilt mixed with revenge. Germund Rein’s fiction becomes reality. Finally, David is forced to confront the uncomfortable truth… Maybe he actually failed to finish off Eva that day up in the Alps after all?

Played at

Glendale, 12.14.18 - 12.20.18
Rated NR
Runtime: 105 min
Language: English