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Raj of the East

The mysterious East was personified in the young Hugh Clifford, the Raj who romanced the comely widow of his murdered aide. The romance produced a son destined for a contentious throne.

Sneered at as 'an Englishman trying to be a Malay, and a Malay trying to be an Englishman,' he was sent half a world away to Trinidad, then Nigeria, Ghana and Sri Lanka. Defying misfortune, he instead found success by as governor of each.

The finale was his return to his favorite East, Malaysia, where he succumbed to a mental illness because of his lifelong promiscuity.

He found his way back to England 47 years after he had left her.

Played at

Glendale, 12.07.18 - 12.13.18
Rated NR
Runtime: 91 min
Language: English