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They'll Love Me When I'm Dead

Oscar-winning director Morgan Neville (20 Feet from Stardom) tells the provocative story of legendary director Orson Welles during the final 15 years of his life. No longer the “wonder boy” flush with success from Citizen Kane, Welles in 1970 had become a graying artist in exile whose luck had run out. His long-gestating feature project The Other Side of the Wind was meant to be his Hollywood comeback. For years he struggled to complete it, filming with a devoted crew whenever he could make enough money from acting gigs and commercial appearances. In 1985, Welles died, leaving his final testament unfinished. The negative stayed in a vault for decades, until now. Comprised of never-before-seen footage of Welles on set and original interviews with cast and crew, They'll Love Me When I'm Dead is the untold final chapter of one of the greatest careers in film history: brilliant, innovative, defiant and unbowed.

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Music Hall, 11.02.18 - 11.08.18
Rated NR
Runtime: 98 min
Language: English
FEATURED REVIEW: Kimber Myers, The Playlist
Though he’s already won an Academy Award for “20 Feet from Stardom,” documentarian Morgan Neville isn’t often spoken of by film nerds with the kind of hushed reverence as greats like Errol Morris – but he deserves to be. As one of the top living document...