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Eric Bauman is down on his luck after losing his job and fiancée and sees no way up. Desperate and out of options, a human angel appears…

Director's Statement:
The deeper layer of my movie is that our world, especially Los Angeles, is unnecessarily brutal, we reject people, who are broken, disabled, unsuccessful. Somebody sleeps on the street it is his or her fault. They are “losers". We are so busy thinking about our own lives, we lose our empathy for others, until it is too late, and we find ourselves on the street.

"Loop," written in 2012, is produced, directed, edited, and acted by Daniel Strehlau. Main cast: Lauren Eather, Tye Myers, Wes Tate, Kimberli Curtis.

Played at

Royal, 9.14.18 - 9.20.18

Web Site: https://www.loopth...
Runtime: 30 min
Language: English