Lieberstein [has] an intuitive sense for how to successfully blend comedy, absurdity, and romance.
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Song of Back and Neck

Fred Trolleycar struggles with intense, crippling back pain. After an appointment with the highly recommended Dr. Street (Paul Feig), Fred learns his back and neck problems are too complicated for treatment. As he works through the pain at his father’s law firm, where he has been a (very) long-term paralegal, Fred meets soon-to-be divorcee, Regan Stearns (Rosemarie Dewitt). The lonely housewife notices Fred’s agony and recommends a local acupuncturist. When the first needle is placed, it begins to vibrate and hum — an expressive “song” emanating from Fred’s back. It’s haunting, it’s musical and for Dr. Kuhang (Raymond Ma), it’s a remarkable first. Back at the law firm, Fred struggles to hold onto his job while sparring with his office foe and younger superior, Atkins Phips (Clark Duke) and the senior founding partner Jared Foxen (Sam Anderson).

The culmination of Fred’s stressful work environment, his tense relationship with his father and his feelings for still-married Regan fuel his back’s strange song. His torment continues to grow, as he ultimately has to turn and face his afflictions head on.

Played at

Monica Film Center, 11.30.18 - 12.06.18
Rated NR
Runtime: 85 min
Language: English