The film feels a lot like the Serge Gainsbourg number that Stephanie dances to in the kitchen: jazzy, a little sleazy, and worth a cult following.
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A Simple Favor

A SIMPLE FAVOR, directed by Paul Feig, follows Stephanie (Anna Kendrick), a mommy vlogger who seeks to uncover the truth behind her best friend Emily's (Blake Lively) sudden disappearance from their small town. Stephanie is joined by Emily's husband Sean (Henry Golding) in this stylish thriller filled with twists and betrayals, secrets and revelations, love and loyalty, murder and revenge.

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Runtime: 117 min
Language: English
FEATURED REVIEW: Maureen Lee Lenker, Entertainment Weekly
Based on the Darcey Bell novel of the same name, 'A Simple Favor' is a sinuous thriller with as many twists and turns as a mountain road. The sleek film adaptation is part 'Gone Girl,' part Hitchcock film, unexpectedly shot through with director Paul Feig’s signature wry humor....

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