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The System

Vastly different lives and perspectives become intertwined after a police officer (Owen Conway) suffering from PTSD mistakenly shoots a deaf African-American youth, exposing layers of racial tension and corruption within the political, judicial and prison system.

After the system fails to bring the officer to justice, the dead boy's father, Nate Wesley (Reginald Kennedy), contemplates taking matters into his own hands. His decision leads to a climax that will change the lives of everyone involved. Directed and written by Iroc Daniels,
The System is a thought-provoking multilayered film that explores corruption, racism, and prejudice while depicting the intricate and complicated perspectives of both sides of these issues.

Played at

Glendale, 9.28.18 - 10.04.18
Rated NR
Runtime: 92 min
Language: English