Throughout, Asante raises questions about bravery, conscience and, most of all, identity.
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Where Hands Touch

WHERE HANDS TOUCH is a coming of age story set in the most brutal of times and places: 1944 Germany. Leyna (Amandla Stenberg), the 15-year-old daughter of a white German mother (Abbie Cornish) and a black African father, meets Lutz (George MacKay), a compassionate member of the Hitler Youth whose father (Christopher Eccleston) is a prominent Nazi, and they form an unlikely connection in this quickly changing world.

As Leyna’s mother strives to protect her from the horrors that she could face as a mixed-race German citizen, Leyna is forced to forge her own path as the war goes on and the Nazi’s increase their atrocities over the Jews and all dissidents. Can she find an ally in Lutz, himself battling a fate laid out before him that he is hesitant to embrace?

Played at

Playhouse 7, 9.14.18 - 9.20.18
Town Center 5, 9.14.18 - 9.20.18
Rated PG-13
Runtime: 122 min
Language: English
FEATURED REVIEW: Stephen Saito, Moveable Fest
When the music swells for the first time in Amma Asante’s “Where Hands Touch,” it is to give the film’s star Amandla Stenberg an entrance befitting of a movie star, the way you might see Ingrid Bergman turn towards the camera in “Casablanca” for th...