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Wonderful Ed, A Santa Fe Story

Ed Larson, Santa Fe's iconic 86 year old 'faux folk artist' must move from his Canyon Road studio/gallery after 30 years of creating affordable art.

WONDERFUL ED, a Santa Fe Story, is a colorful narrative featuring the unique “folk artist” Ed Larson. This jovial and beloved artist, a vital part of Santa Fe, New Mexico’s thriving art community, has crafted iconic southwest-inspired works in a variety of mediums for decades in his rickety tin roof studio on Canyon Road.
This bittersweet film depicts the end of an era for 86 year old Ed Larson, who has created and shared his artwork for 30 years, as his landlord’s pending rent increase forces Ed to close his studio.
WONDERFUL ED chronicles a spirited, engaging, prolific artist in the final days as he packs-up-shop on Canyon Road. The filmmaker convinces the artist to “paint his life story” which Ed proceeds to do, while being filmed. His impromptu brushstrokes and narration present a visual and anecdotal yarn which provides a glimpse into how experiences in his past have informed his creative process in this film about an artist life.

Come meet the film's director, Mark Steven Shepherd, at the Sept 7, 8, 9 screening.

Played at

Royal, 9.07.18 - 9.13.18

Runtime: 26 min
Language: English