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UNREGISTERED is a love story unlike any other, set in the near future of Los Angeles, where the Federal Government has a State of Emergency law that limits one child per home because of overpopulation. An older boy named REKKER (played by Trevor Jackson) is dating a girl named ATA (Dylan Penn) who is obsessed with recording all of their dates. He wants her to open up in the same way that he makes himself vulnerable to her and her camera. After witnessing a younger boy get by police after being detected as an illegal “second child”, Rekker becomes vocal in his disdain for the society’s condition, and a concerned Ata finally raises questions to her parents who just so happen to work for the government, and who have a deep, dark secret of their own in this dystopian world.

Played at

Royal, 9.14.18 - 9.20.18

Web Site: https://unregister...
Runtime: 17 min
Language: English