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WHIRLPOOL (Live-Action) 17 Minutes
Helen Keller, an avid civil rights activist known for being deaf and blind, faces prejudice from the public, her family and even herself.
White Sheep In the Car (China) (Live Action) 30 Minutes
“Zhang Shulin was brought to a desert hinterland and buried alive by the debtee Gou Jianguo due to his inability of repaying his huge amount of usury. He was found by Yang, a shepherd who was looking for his sheep, at death's door. Zhang Shun begged Yang to save himself with a reward of 80 thousand yuan. Yang took the chance to fleece him, and they made the deal at a price of 100 thousand yuan. But Yang's vehicle broke down on their way out of the desert. Yang fixed the vehicle for a whole night, so his asked Zhang to drive. But Yang found Zhang was missing
when he woke up……”

WISHING BOX (Animation) 5 Minutes
Wishing Box is a short animated film about adventures on the high seas with a silly pirate and his lovable monkey companion. An enchanting and fun story with a message about greed and success, the film will be a piece that viewers of any age will enjoy.

One Small Step (Animation) 8 Minutes
An ambitious young girl aspires to be an astronaut with the support of her humble father.

Tweet, Tweet (Animation) 11 Minutes
Life is like walking on a tightrope. In times we are scared or lost we lose balance. When we are happy and excited,
we forget we walk on a rope. We can even fly!

Played at

Music Hall, 9.07.18 - 9.13.18

Runtime: 82 min
Language: English