Wiseman's portrait reveals emptiness that's subtle and unforced but becomes devastating.
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Monrovia, Indiana

MONROVIA, INDIANA explores a small town in rural mid-America and illustrates how values like community service, duty, spiritual life, generosity and authenticity are formed, experienced and lived along with conflicting stereotypes. The film gives a complex and nuanced view of daily life in Monrovia and provides some understanding of a way of life whose influence and force have not always been recognized or understood in the big cities on the east and west coasts of America and in other countries.

Festivals & Awards
Venice Film Festival
Toronto International Film Festival
New York Film Festival
BFI London Film Festival

Played at

Music Hall, 11.02.18 - 11.08.18
Rated NR
Runtime: 143 min
Language: English
FEATURED REVIEW: Peter Travers Rolling Stone
There’s no fake news in a Wiseman documentary. 'Monrovia, Indiana' is his 42nd nonfiction feature and it’s rigorously non-judgemental. The farming town of Morovia (population 1,063), a part of Morgan County, is mostly white, aging, Republican, pro-gun and pro-God, but not...