For years, [Nicolas Cage] has swung wildly in search of gonzo material; at long last, he's found a movie willing to match his crazed intentions.
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Pacific Northwest. 1983 AD. Outsiders Red Miller and Mandy Bloom lead a loving and peaceful existence. When their pine-scented haven is savagely destroyed by a cult led by the sadistic Jeremiah Sand, Red is catapulted into a phantasmagoric journey filled with bloody vengeance and laced with fire.

Music by Jóhann Jóhannsson.

Played at

Playhouse 7, 10.05.18 - 10.11.18
Glendale, 9.28.18 - 10.11.18
Monica Film Center, 9.14.18 - 9.20.18
Rated NR
Runtime: 121 min
Language: English
FEATURED REVIEW: Bilge Ebiri, Village Voice
Panos Cosmatos’s unforgettable 'Mandy' is a midnight movie that should never be seen at midnight. It requires active viewership, even as it envelops you in its extreme moods. I can’t imagine how I might have responded to it at a late hour, even though it is playing in the...