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The spectacular avant-garde choreography of flamenco dancer Rocío Molina have electrified audiences around the world. Her extravagant, mesmerizing and mostly improvised pieces combine traditional Flamenco with modern-dance, avant-garde theatrics, objects, paint, and eclectic music compositions. Impulso is an intimate portrait of Molina, one the dance world’s most passionate artists, as she travels the world to perform her improvised “impulsos” at unusual venues ranging from prisons to modern art museums. Now Molina must prepare for one of her most challenging works ever for a new show at Chaillot National Theater in Paris. Despite Molina’s unconventional stagings and artful theatrical setups, she remarkably manages to maintain her connection to Flamenco’s rich history and traditions.

"At once lyrical, raunchy and impeccably danced, Molina's fiercely provocative work is unforgettable." ~ The Observer

"Ms. Molina is one of the greatest flamenco dancers I have seen, but to say that is not enough." ~ The New York Times

"Molina's dancing feels at moments like a flamenco Rite of Spring." ~ The Guardian

"Startlingly experimental moves look classical." ~ The New York Times

Played at

Royal, 11.12.18 - 11.13.18
Playhouse 7, 11.12.18 - 11.13.18
Town Center 5, 11.12.18 - 11.13.18
Claremont 5, 11.12.18 - 11.13.18
Music Hall, 11.09.18 - 11.15.18
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Genre: Culture Vulture
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Runtime: 87 min
Language: Spanish