'Araby' opens quietly but builds with tremendous emotional force.
--Manohla Dargis, New York Tiimes
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Andre is a teenager living in a Brazilian industrial town near an old aluminum factory. One day, a factory worker, Cristiano, suffers an accident. Asked to go to Cristiano’s house to pick up clothes and documents, Andre stumbles on a notebook, and it’s here that Araby begins — or, rather, transforms. As Andre reads from the journal entries, we are plunged into Cristiano’s life, into stories of his wanderings, adventures, and loves. Beautifully written and filmed, Araby is a fable-like road movie about a young man who sets off on a ten-year journey in search of a better life.

"An instant classic. Has the truly rare capacity to inspire and energize with the optimistic sense that nothing is impossible." (Neil Young,
Hollywood Reporter)

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Music Hall, 8.10.18 - 8.16.18
Rated NR This film is subtitled This film is subtitled
Runtime: 98 min
Language: Portuguese
FEATURED REVIEW: Leonardo Goi, Film Stage
“I’m like everyone else,” writes about himself Cristiano (Aristides de Sousa), the working class hero at the center of Affonso Uchoa and João Dumans’ 'Araby,' “It’s just my life that was a little bit different.” Calling that an underst...