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IFS - Calling the Shots

For tickets, visit the official website at www.ifsfilm.com. More tickets will be available to purchase here on May 11th.

Young filmmaker Griffin Loch wrote, produced, directed and edited this film all while he was in the 7th grade and only 13 years old. Art imitates life as Calling the Shots follows a group of filmmakers that stumble on the murder of a bank robber. Unlikely friends are made while discovering the truth and escaping danger. Without knowing whom to trust, they must find the missing money to bargain for their lives. Starring new talent Griffin Loch, Sam Grossinger, Eric Mickelson and Emily Barragan in a film sure to inspire the future young directors.

IFS Premiere

Played at

Music Hall, 5.16.18 - 5.16.18

Language: English