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If I Had a Hammer

If I Had a Hammer revolves around the night in 1964 when the Beatles first appeared on The Ed Sullivan show, and is a romantic comedy about the collision of hootenanny “folkie” social activism with the coming era of world-fame rock-n-roll superstardom. “Lovely Lorraine” Dempsey is a young and serious-minded would-be political organizer who tries to ignore the fact that her beauty is a stronger draw than her causes. Phil Buckley is a charming slacker who couldn't really care less about most anything, except rock-n-roll fame. Opposites attract, and after flirting at the local record store Phil takes a chance on scoring with Lorraine at Hootenanny night at the Purple Onion folk club. The whole scene is there: bluegrass-picking labor organizers, beatnik holdover “deadbeats,” slumming socialites, the elegant and intense black bluesman, the angry Bob Dylan clone, and Terry, the cynical and suave college student, friendly rival for Lorraine’s attention, who calms Phil’s growing stage-fright by introducing him to weed in the back alley. Thus fortified, Phil pulls off a goofy wild-man performance. Things are looking good for Phil, but the moment of truth will come upon him; does he go for the hot date at Lorraine’s “Springfield Five” rally, or does he stay home with 73 million other people and watch the Beatles' first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show (to this day still the proportionally largest audience share ever).

Played at

Music Hall, 5.25.18 - 5.31.18
Rated NR
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 118 min
Language: English