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Yadvi - The Dignified Princess

How does a real life princess raised in one of the wealthiest families of the world end up losing all such privileges in her middle age? How does she become forced to pick her own food and collect her own wood for the winters? In 1940's India, before even a hint of feminist equality, how does a woman not only maintain her dignity but also raise three refined daughters in the face of unexpected adversity? The pure personification of integrity, YADVI - THE DIGNIFIED PRINCESS takes the audience on her journey through the India of kings and queens, of princes and polygamy. Her deep internal strength bolstering her family honor inspires.

Played at

Music Hall, 5.25.18 - 5.31.18
Rated NR
Genre: Bio-pic, Drama, History
Web Site: https://yadvithedi...
Runtime: 107 min
Language: English