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AFF- A Sex Type Thing Panel Discussion

From the #metoo movement to #timesup, women’s voices are finally being heard in the context of discrimination, bias, sexual harassment and violence. Join us to hear perspectives from entertainment industry people, filmmakers who directly address the subject, social justice attorneys and others. Two taboo and myth-ridden topics: women’s sexuality and women’s physical strength will also be discussed to explore the roles they can play in ending gender-related violence, the benefits of honing your self-defense skills, the role of sexual empowerment, what consent really means and more.

Moderated by August McLaughlin, author, creator GirlBoner. Participants include Ellen Snortland, filmmaker Beauty Bites Beast; Gillian Bohrer, Exec VP Fox 2000 Pictures (Twilight, La La Land); Michelle Kantor, founder Cinefemme; Melanie Wise, Artemis founder. Additional panelist announcement coming soon.

Played at

Monica Film Center, 4.28.18 - 4.28.18

Runtime: 90 min
Language: English