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- A woman learns to control her anger through boxing. Jessica Honz; Olaf Legner; Manuel Nero; Samuel Gheist, co-writer; Toby Oliver, co-writer/director. Adult themes. Subtitles. Germany

CAT DEXX: INKOSI - When you mess with a girl's lion family, you've gone too far! Gabrielle Stone; Andrew Onochie; Deon Van Rooyen, writer; Linda Palmer, director. Adult language, violence. USA

MAN EATERS - When it comes to the Man Eaters Bar, looks can kill. And Frank is about to find that out for himself. Kelly Russo; Xenia LeBlanc; Adam McArthur; Golan Ramraz, co-writer; Joseph New, co-writer; Nicholas Acosta, co-writer/director. Adult themes, language and violence. USA

ON THE WAY TO LOVETOWN - When ex-teacher Sunny decides to go after her family's murderer, criminal Monroe, she is kidnapped by Jack, bounty-hunter, who is now heading to the old deserted city called "Lovetown" to see Monroe. JoAnna Luna; Brandon Stacy; Brian Gross; Theresa Ireland; Jared Degado; Mark Ofuji; Brian Gross, writer; Mariya Pyter, writer/director. F-language, graphic violence, adult themes. USA

THE FIGHT – Tells a moment in the life of a woman who confronts her shadow. Often unaware of our shadow, our conscious mind cannot see it. Its presence manifests itself in fear or suffering. Marie-Eve Charist; Ryan Donovan; Lea Pascal, writer/director. Adult themes; violence. Canada

LIONS – In a dystopian future, two estranged sisters wage a different kind of war. Rosslyn Luke; Sienna Burnett; David Drummond; Brian Dorsey, co-writer; Justin Zimmerman, co-writer/director. War violence. USA

TREATMENT - Hannah fights for her life both literally and figuratively while summiting her own personal Everest. Nikki Tomlinson; Heather Fusari; Tyler Buckingham, writer; Andrea Behring, director. Adult themes. USA

BUTTERFLY - A high school boxer with a mission to make her late father proud and avenge the injuries to her boyfriend struggles to find balance in the relationship with her mother and must train to defeat her rival. Margie Curran; Neil McDonough; Veronica Argentieri; Heidi Marie Ferren; Jonathan Sperling; Nicolas Alayo, writer/director. USA

Played at

Monica Film Center, 4.28.19 - 4.28.19

Runtime: 88 min
Language: English