It will appeal mostly to the younger generation, accustomed to the rapid and psychedelic language of video games or Japanese cartoons.
--Lucia Bellaspiga, Avvenire
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Sign Gene

Tom Clerc, secret agent from New York City, deaf from a multi-generational deaf family and descendant of Laurent Clerc, is carrier of SGx29, a powerful Sign Gene mutation that enables him to create supernatural powers through the use of sign language. However, he lost a significant portion of his powers during a fierce fight some years back against his main villain, his own deaf brother Jux Clerc. Jux is the leader of, an evil organization dedicated to exterminating Sign Gene mutants.

Hugh Denison, the head of the QuinPar Intelligence Agency, an agency affiliated with the Pentagon and made up of hand-selected agents with Sign Gene mutation, sends Tom and his colleague Ken Wong from New York City to Osaka to investigate various intriguing crime scenes. They end up in a fight with a Japanese gang led by Tatsumi Fuwa and learn that they can win the game only by playing it the Japanese way.

All the characters are blessed with arcane powers - like those, when signing the word 'close', of being able to make doors close at will; or where, when signing the word 'weapon', hands actually metamorphose into bona fide weapons, replete with spewing fire and all sorts. Several references to deaf history, culture and sign language linguistics are presented symbolically in the film.

“The sounds create an unexpected important part, sometimes overwhelming who is watching. All happens very fast and astonishes you with a vibrant energy” Giorgia Cantarini, ASVOF

Warning: Not recommended to people with epilepsy disorders.

Played at

Music Hall, 4.13.18 - 4.19.18
Rated NR This film is subtitled This film is subtitled
Runtime: 70 min
Language: English, Italian, Italian Sign Language, Japanese, Japanese Sign Language
The worldwide premiere of Sign Gene directed and interpreted by Emilio Insolera, the talented Italian deaf director, producer and star, took place at Odeon Cinema in Milan on Friday 8th. As a lover of thrillers and sci-fi movie I can say grew up with various superheroes: Superman, Ba...