Literally, you can't stop laughing! I recommend The Art of the Insult, an incredible film by an extraordinary documentarian.
--Roger Stone, stonecoldtruth
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Trump: The Art of the Insult

Thirty years after he authored The Art of the Deal, Donald Trump used The Art of the Insult to brand political opponents and bash the media all the way to the White House. While critics insisted “The Donald” was merely a chaotic sideshow, Trump was dominating the 24-hour news cycle with a master plan of political incorrectness. In this film, Trump emerges as a marketing genius and performance artist who, despite being a Manhattan billionaire, captured the hearts of middle America. Critics are calling Trump: The Art of the Insult “the most entertaining political documentary ever!”

Played at

Town Center 5, 1.23.18 - 1.23.18

Web Site: https://artofthein...
Runtime: 95 min
Language: English

Director: Joel Gilbert
Cast: Donald Trump
FEATURED REVIEW: Mark Tapson, Frontpage Magazine
A new documentary shows exactly how Donald Trump took the White House.