Luigi De Laurentiis Award
Venice Film Festival
More than enough cinematic chutzpah on display here, especially in the early sections, to confirm the Floridian writer-director as a name to watch.
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Are We Not Cats

Fired, dumped, evicted Eli (Michael Patrick Nicholson, We Are Still Here) attempts to restart his life as a truck driver, but his plans are diverted when he meets Anya (Chelsea Lopez, Phoenix Forgotten) who shares his strangest habit - the impulse to pull and eat their own hair. While their shared obsession bonds these two loners together, it also takes them on a perverse and disturbing journey. Xander Robin’s genre-defying feature debut flings the audience on a roller coaster ride of emotions - lovingly balanced by two vulnerable actors, a pulsating soundtrack and gritty, colorful cinematography.

"Goofy and gross, this well-performed indie about love and compulsive hair-eating marks a promising feature debut for director Xander Robin." (Jessica Kiang,

Winner, Narrative Feature at Sidewalk Film Festival
Special Mention, Sitges Film Festival
Best Narrative Feature, Imagine Film Festival

Played at

Music Hall, 2.23.18 - 3.01.18
Rated NR
Runtime: 77 min
Language: English

Director: Xander Robin
Writer(s): Xander Robin
Cast: Chelsea Lopez, Michael Godere, Michael Patrick Nicholson

  • Nominee, Luigi De Laurentiis Award, Venice Film Festival
FEATURED REVIEW: Elijah Taylor, Birth.Movies.Death.
'Are We Not Cats?' is the feature-length directorial debut from Xander Robin, apparently expanding on a short film of the same title he wrote and directed three years prior. Unfortunately, I have not seen the original short, and thus cannot speak as to one informing the other. A frie...