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BIG (1988)
Sunday, July 15th, at 7PM and Wednesday, July 18th, at 2PM

A Special 30th Anniversary Event

A 13-year-old boy, transformed into a 35-year-old man by a carnival wishing machine, becomes a successful executive by turning his juvenile intellect to toy design. This 30th Anniversary event includes exclusive insight from Turner Classic Movies.

Opening at

Playhouse 7 on Jul 15th
Town Center 5 on Jul 15th
Claremont 5 on Jul 15th
Ahrya Fine Arts on Jul 15th
Rated PG
Runtime: 104 min
Language: English

Director: Penny Marshall
Cast: Elizabeth Perkins, Robert Loggia, Tom Hanks

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Note: There were no showtimes for Sat, May 26th, so instead we're showing you showtimes for the next available date on Sun, Jul 15th.

Ahrya Fine Arts
One Day Only!

8556 Wilshire Blvd.

Town Center 5
One Day Only!

17200 Ventura Blvd.

Playhouse 7
One Day Only!

673 East Colorado Blvd.

Claremont 5
One Day Only!

450 West 2nd Street