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Moomins and the Winter Wonderland

It’s winter time in Moomin Valley, but Moomintroll doesn’t want to hibernate; he wants to explore the winter and to his great surprise he gets to see the magic of Christmas.

Moomintroll watches as the snow covers his whole garden. Moomintroll decides he must know what it’s like when the summer is gone. He climbs out through his window and slides down over the roof. He is surprised to find a horse in the garden, but it is not an ordinary horse. The horse tells Moomintroll that a special guest is coming soon. Moomintroll is shocked. He wants to tell his friend Too-Ticky about the horse right away. Too-Ticky is preoccupied because today is the day the Lady of the Cold comes, and nobody shall look her in the eye - or otherwise freeze. The Lady of the Cold approaches over the ice, she is glittering and strange and adorably beautiful.

Suddenly there is another very special light in Moomin Valley, shimmering pink and brilliant, and Moomintroll is apprehensive as different creatures start appearing. Gaffsie comes pulling a sledge full of packages. Then Hemulen arrives to explain to the Moomin family the special nature of the day - Christmas is coming! But Moomintroll doesn’t get it; who and what is Christmas? Moomintroll and his family are hoping that this special guest Christmas is nice. Hemulen mentions a tree that needs to be dressed up for Christmas. Moomin papa and Moomintroll choose a pine tree just outside their house. A little Toffle tells them how to dress the tree, so Moomin mamma picks some of the most beautiful things they have in the house. Soon the Christmas tree is decorated and stands in its full glory and beauty.

Finally Moomintroll offers the presents they’ve prepared for Christmas to all the small creatures that have come and joined them. There is no limit to the joyfulness and jubilation around the Christmas tree. They all experience the best Christmas ever in Moomin Valley.

Played at

Claremont 5, 12.15.17 - 12.21.17
Rated NR
Web Site: https://moominswon...
Runtime: 82 min
Language: English

Director: Ira Carpelan, Jakub Wronski
Producer(s): Harel Goldstein, Ira Carpelan, Rick Romano, Stellan Skarsgård, Tom Carpelan
Writer(s): Ira Carpelan, Malgorzata Wieckowicz-Zyla, Piotr Szczepanowic, Tove Jansson (book)
Cast: Alicia Vikander, Bill Skarsgård, Stellan Skarsgård