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IFF- 212 / A Heartbeat Away

212 (20 min)
A moving and highly naturalistic cinema that attempts to tame death and its inevitable banality, which is part of the natural order of things. The end comes among other matters, quietly, in the middle of various procedures and duties that a director of a residential care home must face. For Doron, it is yet another day. Only the weather seems worse. Someone took his parking spot. The wind broke his umbrella. In addition, the roof is leaking. Some documents need to be signed. A baby daughter was born to one of his employees. Moreover, Bela Schorr has died in room 212.

The story of an Israeli pediatric cardiologist sent to Africa to perform lifesaving operations in Tanzania, where every day five children die from heart conditions. Dr. Akiva Tamir and his team examine hundreds of children, of which only a handful can receive the treatment which will save their lives. When 6 year-old Julius arrives to the clinic in critical condition, Dr. Tamir is forced to choose whether to operate on the child, who has very little chances of surviving.

Played at

Town Center 5, 11.14.17 - 11.14.17

Runtime: 75 min
Language: English