A terrific story of finding acceptance, challenging the norm, and debating ideas in an intelligent instead of belligerent manner.
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Professor Marston and the Wonder Women

In a superhero origin tale unlike any other, PROFESSOR MARSTON & THE WONDER WOMEN is the incredible true story of what inspired Harvard psychologist Dr. William Moulton Marston to create the iconic Wonder Woman character in the 1940's. While Marston's feminist superhero was criticized by censors for her 'sexual perversity,' he was keeping a secret that could have destroyed him. Marston’s muses for the Wonder Woman character were his wife Elizabeth Marston and their lover Olive Byrne, two empowered women who defied convention: working with Marston on human behavior research -- while building a hidden life with him that rivaled the greatest of superhero disguises.

Played at

Claremont 5, 10.13.17 - 10.26.17
Rated R
Runtime: 108 min
Language: English

Director: Angela Robinson
Cast: Bella Heathcote, Connie Britton, Luke Evans, Rebecca Hall
FEATURED REVIEW: Joi Childs, Black Girl Nerds
This biopic is centered around William “Bill” Moulton Marston, the American psychologist who put his progressive ideals about female liberation into practice, creating the DC superhero Wonder Woman and living in an “extended relationship” with his wife and ano...