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Angels of Our Better Nature

“Angels of our better nature” is a documentary about a few heroes doing great work bringing compassion and humanity to the homeless in Phoenix, L.A. And Venice Beach.

The film features Jon Linton of the “I Have A Name Project” and “Lets Be Better Humans”, Maike Both of “Unfuck The World” and “One Million Drops”, Elvis Summers of “Tiny Houses Huge Purpose”, and Ari Beers who is a homeless advocate in L.A.

The film also features Joy Matsushita Saul and Marai Kalamas. And is being distributed by Nandar Entertainment, with support of GCM media. World wide release of the film is scheduled for November 28
th 2017, and will be available both on DVD as well as Digital on demand on Wal Mart, Amazon, Best Buy, and Barnes and Noble.

The film recently won the “Rising Sprint” award at the 2017 Jerome Indie Film and Music Festival held in Jerome Arizona.
The film is being presented at this years American Film Market Conference in Santa Monica November 1
st through the 8th for inclusion on network and cable channels all over the world.

Played at

NoHo 7, 11.11.17 - 11.11.17

Web Site: https://www.facebo...
Runtime: 48 min
Language: English