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Trafficked from very different worlds, three young women – Sara, a spirited American orphan; Amba, a sheltered college-bound Indian teenager; and Mali, a poor Nigerian villager -- band together to survive the horrors of forced prostitution in a Texas brothel, run by the tyrannical Simon.

On the verge of losing all hope and despite terrible odds, Sara unites the girls in a daring escape attempt. It’s not only a race against time, but a race against destiny and with a little luck; they just might be able to bring down Simon along the way.

Trafficked is a riveting story of organized crime, global human trafficking networks, and above all, the indomitable will to be free.

Played at

Monica Film Center, 10.13.17 - 10.19.17
Rated R
Runtime: 104 min
Language: English

Director: Will Wallace
Cast: Alpa Banker, Anne Archer, Ashley Judd, Elisabeth Röhm, Jessica Obilom, Kelly Washington, Patrick Duffy, Sean Patrick Flanery