A triumphant little film...anchored by complicated, smart, funny women...a rare delight of a film and a model for others to follow.
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Princess Cyd

PRINCESS CYD follows 16-year-old athlete Cyd Loughlin (Jessie Pinnick) while visiting her novelist aunt (Rebecca Spence) in Chicago over the summer. Eager to escape life with her depressive single father, Cyd falls for a girl in the neighborhood, while she and her aunt gently challenge each other in the realms of sex and spirit. From Director Stephen Cone, who also directed award-winning films THE WISE KIDS and HENRY GAMBLE’S BIRTHDAY PARTY.

Played at

Music Hall, 12.01.17 - 12.07.17
Rated NR
Runtime: 96 min
Language: English

Director: Stephen Cone
Cast: James Vincent Meredith, Jessie Pinnick, Malic White, Matthew Quattrocki, Rebecca Spence, Tyler Ross
FEATURED REVIEW: Jose Solis, Film Stage
<span style="" >Is there a director more generous to his characters than Stephen Cone? Watching his films, one gets a sense that he doesn’t use the medium simply to tell stories but to exercise his curiosity and discover the things that make us human. In the hands of another filmmaker, P...