The film is a phantasmagoria of impressionistic horror, at once despairing, beautiful, haunting, and surreal.
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Birdboy: The Forgotten Children

There is light and beauty, even in the darkest of worlds. Stranded on an island in a post-apocalyptic world, teenager Dinky and her friends hatch a dangerous plan to escape in the hope of finding a better life. Meanwhile, her old friend Birdboy has shut himself off from the world, pursued by the police and haunted by demon tormentors. But unbeknownst to anyone, he contains a secret inside him that could change the world forever.

Based on his own graphic novel, Alberto Vázquez’s BIRDBOY: THE FORGOTTEN CHILDREN is a darkly comic, mind-bending fantasy. Gorgeous graphic imagery brings to life a surreal and discordant world populated by adorable (and adorably disturbed) animated critters, searching for hope and love amid the ruin.

Winner of the Goya Award for Best Animated Feature.

Screening with the short film DECORADO: The world is a wonderful stage, but its characters are disgraceful. Winner of numerous festival prizes, as well as Best Animated Short Film at the Goya Awards.

Played at

Monica Film Center, 12.15.17 - 12.21.17
Playhouse 7, 12.15.17 - 12.21.17
NoHo 7, 12.15.17 - 12.21.17
Rated NR This film is subtitled This film is subtitled
Runtime: 87 min
Language: Spanish

Director: Alberto Vázquez Pedro Rivero
Cast: Andrea Alzuri, Eva Ojanguren, Josu Cubero