“Gold Star (2016) is a profoundly moving film with an important story to tell."
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Gold Star

After dropping out of music school, Vicki drifts aimlessly between her family’s house in Connecticut and an itinerant existence in New York. When her father suffers a debilitating stroke, she has to become his primary caretaker. Vicki resists connecting with him, and making peace with herself, but finds a way forward thanks to a new friend and a life-changing event.

Played at

NoHo 7, 11.20.17 - 11.20.17
Rated NR
Web Site: https://goldstar-f...
Runtime: 90 min
Language: English

Director: Victoria Negri
Producer(s): Effie Fradelakis, Ellyn Vander Wyden, Katie Maguire, Victoria Negri
Writer(s): Victoria Negri
Cast: Catherine Curtin, Jacob Heimer, Robert Vaughn, Victoria Negri