Masterpiece...A great example of cinema...AL DI QUA shines in its Franciscan simplicity...Its technical subtlety aspires to Pasolini’s sublime.
--Mario Serenellini, REPUBBLICA
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A homeless man is found dead in his makeshift bed on the streets, adjacent to a hospital where he often stopped. Forty of his homeless friends enter the hospital as a united front to pay their final respects.

After a visionary funeral march down the hospital corridors, they denounce the fact that they have been unemployed for many years and are sleeping on the streets. The finale is miraculous, in the style of Vittorio De Sica, made with special visual effects.

Played at

Royal, 11.30.17 - 11.30.17
Monica Film Center, 11.21.17 - 11.21.17
Music Hall, 10.27.17 - 11.02.17
Rated NR This film is subtitled This film is subtitled Closed Captioning Available Closed Captioning Available
Web Site: https://www.aldiqu...
Runtime: 83 min
Language: Italian

Director: Corrado Franco
Producer(s): Corrado Franco
Writer(s): Corrado Franco
Cast: Riziero Lorenzo Ruggiero , Rodolfo Spagone, Rosario Battaglia Antonino Fazzari Gerlando Ingoglia Giancarlo Levo Emanuel Mladen Paolo Pessot