A stellar and ambitious sci-fi gem that just gives and gives. Top notch in every category.
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The Osiris Child

When a dangerous outbreak threatens to destroy everyone living on a newly colonized planet, Lt. Kane Sommerville (Daniel MacPherson) goes against orders and leaves his station to rescue his young daughter (Teagan Croft). Desperate to get to her before it's too late, Kane enlists the help of an escaped prisoner (Kellan Lutz) as they battle their way through the chaos of a planet on the verge of annihilation. With the odds stacked against them, saving his little girl may be humanity's last chance at survival.

Played at

Music Hall, 10.06.17 - 10.12.17
Rated NR
Runtime: 99 min
Language: English

Director: Shane Abbess
Cast: Daniel MacPherson Isabel Lucas, Kellan Lutz, Teagan Croft
FEATURED REVIEW: Dov Kornits, FILMINK (Australia)
With 'Osiris Child,' Abbess and co-writer (and composer) Brian Cacchia have concocted the story of a futuristic world where we find pilot Kane Sommerville (Daniel MacPherson) separated from his daughter Indi (Teagan Croft) and forced to track her down after the powers that be decide ...