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The Suicide

Performed at Theatre Art Studio, Sergey Zhenovach's adaptation of Nikolai Erdman's comedy centers around a young, unemployed man desperate enough to contemplate ending it all. As soon as he declares his will to die he finds himself surrounded by a variety of characters begging him to kill himself as a gesture for their cause. Flattered by this notoriety but panicked at the prospect of actually having to go through with it, he must find a way out that somehow leaves his dignity intact. The play, originally written in 1928, forms a link in Russian literary history between the satirical mastery of Nikolai Gogol and the post-World War II Theatre of the Absurd.

Creative Team

Stage adaptation and direction - Sergey Zhenovach
Set Design - Alexander Borovsky
Lighting Design - Damir Ismagilov
Composer - Grigory Gobernik

Played at

Claremont 5, 11.12.17 - 11.12.17
Music Hall, 11.12.17 - 11.12.17
Rated NR This film is subtitled This film is subtitled
Runtime: 184 min
Language: Russian

Director: Sergey Zhenovach
Writer(s): Nikolai Erdman
Cast: Cleopatra Maksimovna – Olga Kalashnikova, Father Yelpidy (a priest) – Sergey Abroskin, Grand-Skubik – Grigory Sluzhitel, Kalabushkin – Alexey Vertkov, Maria (wife) – Evgenia Gromova, Old woman – Polina Pushkaruk, Oleg Leonidovich – Ivan Yankovsky, Peryesvetova – Maria Shashlova, Podsekalnikov – Vyacheslav Evlantiev, Pugachov (a butcher) – Igor Lizengevich, Raisa Filippovna – Tatiana Volkova, Serafima (mother-in-law) – Anastasia Imamova, Viktor (a writer) – Alexander Proshin, Yegor Timofeevich – Sergey Kachanov, Young man – Gleb Puskepalis