If Brad's emotional status were a work of art, it would look a lot like an Edvard Munch scream, or maybe a dark little corner of Dante's 'Inferno.'
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Brad's Status

When Brad Sloan (Ben Stiller) accompanies his college bound son to the East Coast, the visit triggers a crisis of confidence in Brad’s Status, writer and director Mike White’s bittersweet comedy. Brad has a satisfying career and a comfortable life in suburban Sacramento where he lives with his sweet-natured wife, Melanie (Jenna Fischer), and their musical prodigy son, Troy (Austin Abrams), but it’s not quite what he imagined during his college glory days. Showing Troy around Boston, where Brad went to university, he can’t help comparing his life with those of his four best college friends: a Hollywood bigshot (White), a hedge fund founder (Luke Wilson), a tech entrepreneur (Jemaine Clement), and a political pundit and bestselling author (Michael Sheen). As he imagines their wealthy, glamorous lives, he wonders if this is all he will ever amount to. But when circumstances force him to reconnect with his former friends, Brad begins to question whether he has really failed or, in some ways at least, might have somehow succeeded.

Played at

Claremont 5, 9.22.17 - 10.05.17
NoHo 7, 9.22.17 - 10.05.17
Rated R
Runtime: 102 min
Language: English

Director: Mike White
Writer(s): Mike White
Cast: Ben Stiller, Jemaine Clement, Jenna Fischer, Michael Sheen
It's an oft-told tale, in Hollywood: A good man wracked by his envy of others he deems more successful than he at scoring the usual American-Dream jackpots of money, status, and fame. He eats himself alive over this at self-defeating length that's both funny and sad. At the climax ot...