A film that bows to none in its scope and ambition.
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Moscow Never Sleeps

MOSCOW NEVER SLEEPS is a multi-narrative drama about the hidden bonds that connects us all. The film dives headlong into the volatile intersections of contemporary Moscow and the intimate lives of five people: An entrepreneur whose business empire comes under siege by powerful bureaucrats; a teenage girl mired in the misery of a broken home; a young man forced to chose between his girlfriend and his grandmother; a beautiful singer torn apart by the pursuit of two men; and an ailing film star who gets embroiled in a bizarre kidnapping. Over the course of one day, their lives will change forever.
These stories capture the kinetic energy of the Russian capital in a provocative statement on Putin’s Russia. They blast through Moscow’s choked cityscape to reveal the unrestrained energy of Europe’s biggest city and the cruelty and beauty of the Russian spirit.

Played at

Town Center 5, 6.16.17 - 6.22.17
Ahrya Fine Arts, 6.16.17 - 6.22.17
Rated NR This film is subtitled This film is subtitled Closed Captioning Available Closed Captioning Available
Web Site: https://www.moscow...
Runtime: 100 min
Language: Russian

Director: Johnny O'Reilly
Producer(s): Johnny O'Reilly, Katie Holly
Writer(s): Johnny O'Reilly
Cast: Aleksey Serebryakov, Anastasia Shalonko, Yuriy Stoyanov
Johnny O’Reilly, director of the excellent Russian drama 'The Weather Station,' returns with a film that bows to none in its scope and ambition. The Irishman, long resident in Moscow, has set out to offer a multi-stranded portrait of his adopted city. Like a well-known novel...