[The filmmakers] stack up their woes without making them feel contrived, so when the breakdown comes, it's real, and it's heartbreaking.
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Little Boxes

It's the summer before sixth grade, and Clark is the new-in-town biracial kid in a sea of white. Discovering that to be cool he needs to act 'more black,' he fumbles to meet expectations, while his urban intellectual parents Mack and Gina also strive to adjust to small-town living. Equipped for the many inherent challenges of New York, the tight-knit family are ill prepared for the drastically different set of obstacles that their new community presents, and soon find themselves struggling to understand themselves and each other in this new small-town context.

Played at

Music Hall, 4.14.17 - 4.20.17
Rated NR
Runtime: 84 min
Language: English

Director: Rob Meyer
Cast: Armani Jackson, Melanie Lynskey, Nelsan Ellis
FEATURED REVIEW: Candice Frederick, Reel Talk Online
Finally, we get a film about a "blerd" (a black nerd) that's not a peripheral, one-dimensional character or a sidekick. In LITTLE BOXES, the blerd (Armani Jackson, 'Grey's Anatomy') is in fact the protagonist, a self-aware young boy about to enter sixth grade whose life is ...