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Artemis - The Future is Female

MOONSHOT - A world-weary homeless woman is given an opportunity to leave her violent life behind when a roguish mechanic devises a risky plan to send her to a colony on the Moon. Matthew Lucas, Director; Luvia Petersen; Benny Elledge; Jake Guinn. Adult language; violence.

GO AGAINST THE FLOW - Top women tech entrepreneurs share their success stories and offer advice to the next generation on taking the plunge, running a business from scratch, and coping with failure. Charu Sharma; Raeshib Aggerwhil, Directors; Ilene Lang; Christina Wallace; Michelle Zatlyn; Jessica Scorpio; Angie Chang; Alaina Percival. All ages

Played at

Monica Film Center, 4.22.17 - 4.22.17

Runtime: 82 min
Language: English