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Lost in Florence

When Eric Lombard proposes to his girlfriend Colleen during a romantic trip to Florence, he is shocked when she turns him down and heads back home. Heartbroken, he stays behind with his cousin Anna and her Italian husband, who introduces him to calcio storico, an ancient form of football played every summer in Florence that combines rugby and street fighting. As a former college football star, Eric is a natural at the sport, and while many of the local Italians have their reservations about an American playing their beloved game, he proves himself again and again on the field and ultimately wins their approval. During his time in Florence, Eric finds himself falling for Stefania, the girlfriend of his teammate Paolo. As their clandestine relationship heats up and the all-important final game approaches, Eric finds himself at a crossroads—caught between friendship and love, having to decide what he really wants and how hard he’s willing to fight for it.

Played at

Music Hall, 1.26.17 - 2.02.17
Rated NR
Runtime: 97 min
Language: English

Director: Evan Oppenheimer
Cast: Alessandra Mastronardi, Alessandro Preziosi, Brett Dalton, Emily Atack, Marco Bonini, Stana Katic